A Call to Action (for the Sake of Our Survival)

I’ve just completed what I consider to be one of the most important publications I’ve ever written as an Extension professional:  “A Social Media Call to Action.”

The role of Extension educators as knowledge providers, innovators, and change agents is under threat unless we learn to operate effectively in the increasingly crowded information landscape. This call to action outlines how Extension professionals can stay relevant by becoming engaged, networked educators using the latest technologies to maintain the charge that is ours to keep.

3 responses to “A Call to Action (for the Sake of Our Survival)

  1. Great article — totally agree. I have found in 4-H that using the internet is a way to engage new people ( 4-H project training online -photography) – then those involved want to meet face-to-face and learn more. They seem want to build a community first and then decide if they want to engage. Hum..kinda like “online match-making”! Extension needs to take a hard look at what it currently offers a community. There needs to be a reallocation of resources – based on a current needs assessment ( that also is our strength – let’s use it!) Let’s not forget in the process that the Extension youth program is 4-H. Building tomorrows citizens is critical to the future of our communities. Let the youth voice be heard in Extension!

  2. Thank you for this commentary. As always, I enjoy your perspective.

  3. MissionExtension

    Thanks to both of you! Yes, social media are ways to enhance what we do, not to detract from it. I fully agree that a needs assessment is sorely needed – long overdue, in fact. And, yes, youth should comprise a critical facet of that assessment and subsequent resource allocation.

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